New Chinese Application Form

As of September 1, 2013, the visa application form for China has changed.  Now, all Chinese consulates in the United States use the same application form.  It is very similar to the previous versions of the application form, and generally, the questions have just been rearranged.  However, here are a few noticeable differences:

Name.  The application form now has separate field for your last, middle, and first names.  Enter your name exactly as written on your passport.  Therefore, if on your passport your middle name is omitted, or if your name is abbreviated to an initial, do so accordingly on the application.  In the field for “other names” you can also enter any previous names you have been known by.

Emergency Contact.  As before, you are requested to provide the name and phone number of an emergency contact (in the United States.)   However, you are now asked to state the relationship between you and your emergency contact.

Itinerary in Time Sequence.  Similar to the previous forms, you are asked to provide the detailed address(es) of locations of where you will be staying in China.  However, the form now has separate fields for you to specify the dates you will be staying at each address.

Information of Inviter in China.  As before, you are requested to provide the name and phone number of your inviter in China.  If you do not have an inviter, you can list the information of the hotel at which you are staying at in this section.   Please note that you are now asked to you state the relationship between you and your inviter.

Previous Chinese Visas.  Formerly, you were asked to state if you have previously traveled to China, and what cities were visited and what was the purpose of the visit.  Now, you asked if you have previously been issued a Chinese visa, and if so, when and where was the visa issued.

Other Countries or Territories Visited.  You are still asked to list all other countries and territories that you have visited in the last twelve months.  However, you are now longer required to state the purpose of each visit.

Elimination of Supplemental Form.  In the past, you were required to complete a supplemental application form if you are a Non-US passport holder; if you were applying for a work or study visa; or if someone else travels and shares the same passport as you.  Now, if you share a passport with someone else, you can indicate so on (page four of) the application form.  You are no longer required to complete a separate form if applying for a work or study visa.